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Titania Professional Application Kit With Cordless or Corded Blower

We currently Offer Two Ways to Apply Titania, choose either the corded or cordless Omnifog blower kit:

Cordless Blower Kit

Fixed speed cordless blower with 2 batteries and a charger (click on photo below to order)


Corded Blower Kit

Variable speed corded (plug in) blower (click on photo below to order)

  • Both blower kits include a proprietary Omnifog Titania nozzle to atomize Titania
  • Small titania bottle adapter kit (sleeve, extra tubing with barb extension for larger bottles)

The Cordless blower is easier to use but requires switching batteries every 15-20 minutes. 

The Corded blower is less expensive but, of course, requires an electrical cord (and cord extender that's not included) and electrical outlet.

Adding Titania To Your Order: (click on photo below to order)

After choosing the Application Kit, add Titania to your order and you're ready to protect soft and hard surfaces for years.

One 4 ox bottle can spray 250 sq feet, roughly:

  • one average sized car or truck interior and exterior
  • two average sized car or truck interiors or exteriors
  • one small boat inside and hull
  • Determine the square footage you want to spray (consider height, width, depth of all surfaces including storage areas) and remember that one 4 oz bottle can spray approximately 250 sq ft using the required cross-hatch method (check the instructions pages here and with the corded and cordless blower)

Feel free to contact us for larger jobs and high volume discounts

We Also Offer a 5 Year Warranty!

To get the 5 year vehicle warranty requires you to purchase the warranty and we will contact your local detailer to professionally clean and apply Titania and authorize the warranty. We currently offer a 5 year warranty for light duty cars and trucks. We will also offer warranties for Boats and RVs. Check back with us on our warranty page!


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