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September 16-19, 2021 Lake St. Clair Metropark Boat Show

Posted by David Wassmann on

Titania protective coating

How to save hundreds of hours and $thousands in cleaning/maintenance of your marine investment

Our team of experts will be available at the Boat Show to demo all of our products at the show from 9/16 to 9/19.

You'll learn how our products protect your marine investment inside and out and save you $ thousands in cleaning materials and detailing as well as hundreds of hours of cleaning with the use of our eco-friendly and non toxic products. You should spend more time enjoying your boat rather than cleaning it!

Spraying boat interior with Titania

  • Titania 5 year interior and exterior protective coating (spray on, let dry)
  • Cyclone Industrial cleaner (spray on and wipe)
  • Dry Wash and Wax (spray on and wipe)
  • Graphene & Ceramic Coating (spray on and wipe)