Mold/Fungi & Loss Prevention? We Have You Covered

4EverGuard provides a reliable protocol effective against a large variety of dangerous VOC’s including Molds & Powdery Mildews as well as pests like mites. This helps to create a Healthy Grow House as well as insuring clean testing for final approval for sale of the end products. We do this with our patented and effective solutions in all phases of a grow cycle including the drying and processing phases. This is achieved without exposing any plants or humans to chemicals or pesticides in any way. Our solutions are never applied to, or around any plants in any stages of their growth or processing. We have tested spraying buds directly with our Titania product and it passes the metal test concern with Iron Laboratories in Michigan. (email us to see the lab test or speak to the lab)

The How - Self-Sanitizing Surface

Surfaces are treated and become self-santitizing. The surfaces work 24/7 chemical free with no labor after application
  • Titania - Surface Protection Against VOCs on ALL Surfaces. One to Two year intervals between reapplication, or longer depending on specific circumstances. Long term continual 24/7 protection against mold, powdery mildew and other VOC threats keep your grow facility chemical free.
  • Safe-T-Gard - Disinfecting and Interval Cleaning of ALL Surfaces. For each grow cycle Interval a Safe-T-Gard reapplication is recommended. Used to clean - disinfect between crops is very effective, inexpensive and easily applied with minimal labor when the room is empty of plants
  • Using an ATP meter, you'll know how effective the disinfection processes are/which areas need attention right away. Our applications are quick and easy and reduce labor hours for future spot disinfections.

Surfaces Treated

  • Floors, Walls, Ceilings
  • Benches
  • Drying Rooms
  • Drying Buckets/Totes
  • HVAC Coils
  • Processing areas and equipment
  • Offices, Hallways, Entry ways

Air Purification - In Room/Air Supply/HVAC Filters

  • 4Everguard Electro-Grip HVAC Filters - Capable of catching particles as small as .001 of a micron. This technology will easily catch molds and other fungi which measure in at 3 microns or larger. The Filters are Electro-Static with the Patented Electro-Grip Nano Carbon added to the surface that statically holds captive most everything that tries passing through, from mites to odors, it removes the odor by removing the particle that creates the odor. The addition of 4EverGuards Electro-grip filters turns your current H.V.A.C. system into an effective air scrubber with NO LARGE upfront equipment costs. Subscription based, making sure the job gets done each month.
  • HVAC Coil Treatment - provides another self-disinfecting surface to scrub the air supplies of mold and other VOC’s. Once the room and air in the room are safe, we want to make sure any air that is introduced into the room is as pure as possible.
  • In Room Circulation Solutions - Mold and Powdery Mildew removed as air circulates within the room. Actively removing these VOC’s continually. This feature never gives the mold & powdery mildew a chance to settle and colonize, which is the best prevention of these problems and most others as well.
  • Mite & Other Insect Removal: Achieved with PCO - Photo Catalytic Oxidation or PCO Technology for Improving Air Quality and Removing Dangerous VOC’s.
  • Odor Removal - Remove the odor without removing the terpenes from the plant allowing the exhaust air to be cleaned before being reintroduced to the ambient air outside.

Drying Rooms

  • Treat all surfaces, buckets, and totes with Titania, install our Technology and treat all air coming into the room. This will make it virtually impossible for mold and other fungi to grow, do it without chemicals of any kind, assuring a clean test on your product clearing it for sale.

Growhouse ATP meter reading showing bacterial activity 

Environmental Monitoring Systems

  • ATP Metering gives a regular health screening of your facility, a crucial part of creating and keeping a healthy facility


The Unique Sprayer - Super Fine Mist

Titania Omnifog Spraygun and nozzle

Our sprayer atomizes Titania and lays an unscented coating on soft or hard surfaces, creating a translucent protective layer that can last 1 year or longer. Dry time is minutes.

Once the surface is dry for 1 hour normal usage can continue. Titania takes 24-48 hours to activate fully.

Titania is also the exact same product protecting your surfaces that can protect your HVAC system, watering system, processing facilities and equipment as well as offices.  (something expensive, traditional products CANNOT provide)

Titania is sprayed one time to get up to 1 year of protection

Titania's Hydroxyl Radicals = Self Cleaning Surface

As it evaporates, the Titania compounds link together as a dense web of nanoparticles. This amorphous (conforming to any shape), ceramic (incredibly strong structure) coating is a unique blend of Titanium Dioxide and Titanium Phosphates which are known for their strength and self-sanitizing properties. They bond to the surface nano thin, at .05 to .5 micrometers (a human hair is about 80 micrometers for comparison). This ensures the coating will not change the appearance of the treated surface. 

The next steps is what makes Titania special versus everything else on the market.

Oxygen, UV and moisture continuously activates Titania's hydroxyl radicals all over its surface. These OH particles actually pull harmful contaminants out of the air and reorganize their molecular structure into harmless compounds like CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). Titania is effective against many VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as

  • ethyl benzene
  • formaldehyde
  • acetaldehyde
  • toluene
  • styrene as well as nitric and sulfuric acids.

These activated radicals are the reason Titania is a self-disinfecting coating. Airborne pollutants are not the only particles decomposed by Titania. Organic materials that come into contact with the surface will start decomposing at the point of contact:

  • Mold 
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Liquids
  • bacteria
  • Perspiration etc
  • Microbes 

The Result - Surface Contamination Can't Attach to Titania treated surface - Surface is Easier to Clean

Titania is an anti-fouling coating and it is easy to see why it's also referred to as a self-cleaning coating in certain exterior applications. You've seen that video of a garden hose nozzle spray removing 5 months of algae from a sailboat at the end of the boating season? That's because it was coated with Titania. Every boater, car and real estate facility owner understands that they've never seen anything like it. Now you know why Titania is unlike every other protective coating in the marketplace. Spray it on upholstery, carpeting, hospital rooms, grow houses, kitchen hoods, a leather couch, a Hatteras or a Ferrari and you get revolutionary self-sanitizing surfaces. 


Green House Glass

Solar Panel Shield SPS - Serving the Solar Industry with great success across the world. It is:
  • Anti Static
  • Anti Reflective
  • Anti Fouling
  • Self Cleaning
  • One application provides immediate long term benefits

*Depending on size / height (volume) of facility and the initial cleanliness of the room(s)/facility