CSP - Titania Easy Cleaning Surface Science

The P in CSP - Titania Ultra Fine Mist = Active Surface Protection for Years

Patented nozzle with small bottle and small bottle adapter

We begin with the end because it is the difference maker - the last step in CSP. Our custom Made In The USA Omnifog sprayer atomizes Titania, the last step in our Clean Sanitize Protect protocol. It lays an unscented, invisible coating on soft or hard surfaces, creating a transparent protective layer that can last 5 years or longer. Unlike expensive exterior ceramic coatings, Titania dry time is minutes. And it works on soft (fabric, carpet, upholstery, leather, etc.) and hard surfaces, even over Ceramic or Wax, making surfaces much easier to clean for years and saving you many hours of labor/maintenance. 

Once the surface is dry, in the case of buildings, classrooms, dorms, showers or bathrooms, you can now touch the asset without damaging the titania surface or you can move the boat, pontoon, RV, car, motorcycle, etc. (Unlike the more expensive ceramic coatings used by many detailers). Over the next 24 hours, Titania activates fully and begins protecting your assets. 

Maintaining Shower, marine, car, truck or RV clean surface protection of Titania does not require additional applications over the years of ownership, no long drying or curing times at a dealership or detailer. - regular non abrasive cleaning is the way to keep your surfaces clean. Only if the surfaces experience abrasion, repainting, compounding or other 3rd party stripping of surface layers, is a re-application of Titania required. 

Titania, unlike expensive & cumbersome hydrophobic ceramic coatings or toxic dual quats and acid washes, also protects soft surface interiors, wheels and underbody of vehicles & vessels. One product for inside and outside, soft and hard surfaces! Because Titania is hydrophilic, it attracts water and uses water to loosen and let dirt and debris glide off the Titania protected surface. Dirt, stains, odors are all washed away more easily. 

Titania is sprayed one time to get up to 5 years of protection

Titania's Hydroxyl Radicals = We Believe It's Better than Every Coating on the Market

As Titania dries, the Titania compounds link together as a dense web of nanoparticles. This amorphous (conforming to any shape),  translucent coating is a unique blend of Titanium Dioxide and Phosphates which are known for their strength and self-cleaning properties. They bond to the surface nano thin, at .05 to .5 micron (aka micrometers). For comparison, a human hair is about 80 micrometers in width. This ensures the coating will not change the appearance or feel of the treated surface (e.g. leather or suede will have the same texture and look)

The next steps is what makes Titania special versus all others.

Oxygen, UV and moisture continuously activate Titania's hydroxyl radicals all over its surface. These OH particles pull harmful contaminants out of the air and reorganize their molecular structure into harmless compounds like CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). Titania is effective against many Odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as

  • ethyl benzene
  • formaldehyde
  • acetaldehyde (smoke odor)
  • toluene
  • styrene as well as nitric and sulfuric acids.

These activated radicals are the reason Titania is a self-cleaning coating or surface preservative. Organic materials that come into contact with the Titania surface wash away easily with gentle cleaning on hard (e.g. painted metal, aluminum, gel coat, steel, chrome, etc) or soft surfaces (fabric, carpet, leather, suede, etc). 

  • Bacteria, Microbes, Viruses (including Covid) - are remediated from the Titania treated surface with SafeTGard, our preferred Cleaner-Sanitizer, without harming Titania Surface Protection
  • Dye transfers from Jeans
  • Bird Droppings
  • Liquids
  • Oils
  • Perspiration etc

Surface is Much Easier to Clean

You've seen that video of a garden hose nozzle spray removing 5 months of algae from a sailboat at the end of the boating season? That's because it was coated with Titania. Every boater, car and real estate facility owner or Janitorial company that has tried CSP with Titania tells us that they've never seen anything like it. Spray it on metal, chrome, wood, upholstery, carpeting, hospital rooms, grow houses, kitchen hoods, a leather couch, a yacht or a luxury RV and you get revolutionary hard and soft surface protection. 

Titania Independent Lab Tests Show Why We call It a "Self Cleaning Surface"

Before we began marketing in the USA, we asked an independent lab to conduct the toughest tests, boat and pontoon panels in salt and fresh water:

Boaters know how hard it is to keep their gelcoat and pontoons clean and how hard they are to clean after 3 months. 

Below you can see Year 3 of a top detailers sailboat hull treated with Titania:

Read more about how our CSP protocol has made a difference in other industries including Universities, Pro Sports and so on in our CASE STUDIES

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