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General Application Directions

Applying Titania

  • Like other coatings, we want to have the surface cleaned and disinfected, and then have Titania coating applied. We have additional instructions that are auto/truck/RV and marine specific.
  • The application is simple:  apply it with our patented ultraquiet Omnifogger applicator & spray gun. You should be indoors to avoid surface contamination by debris, rain or the effects of wind - wind may prevent the titania spray from properly bonding to the surface
    • Note that we do have a compressor driven sprayer but we will be discontinuing the use of that applicator. Feel free to contact us if you need directions on the previous generation applicator that requires a compressor.

  • Apply using a cross hatch pattern - first horizontal, then vertical
  • While applying be sure to make only one pass across glass and to avoid over spray that causes drip marks as in the photo below. If you get drip marks, dry with a micro fiber cloth, back up a little bit and fog again. Titania should mist on to the surface and dry in minutes. Drip marks prevent the titania from properly drying/covering and activating on the surface you want to treat and protect. 
  • Titania dries in a few minutes.  Move to the next room or part, continue spraying. 
  • When you’re done, always attach a bottle with water and flush the spray nozzle with water. 
  • In 24-48 hours, Titania has settled & bonded into the hard or soft surface (both nonporous and porous), and it's working and providing properties listed below, day after day, month after month. 
  • Subsequent washing, rain, submersion in salt or sweet water, daily cleaning with aggressive cleaners or disinfectants won’t wipe away Titania.  
  • It provides an antifouling, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidation, flame retardant, non-VOC-creating surfaces which eliminates odors from cigarettes, to cigars, cannabis, pet odors, sweat, urine, ammonia, and many other common odors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and six-ways to sundown.  Call it a superhero of coatings, tested and proven, with available warranties in automotive, RV and marine.