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Schools - Facilities - Large Scale Janitorial

Faster, Longer Lasting, Operational Efficiency, Clean/Sanitize, Food-Safe

Titania, our novel long-term classroom & facilities spray-on coating, works with daily cleaning but at substantial operational efficiency & return on investment.  Titania has highly valuable features we uniquely offer for your custodial operation, and for the safety of your custodial workers, and your customers, students, faculty, and visitors. There is nothing else like it. 

Our active surface coating reduces exposure of your custodial workers to caustic chemicals and heavily reduces the amount of dual-quats, cleaners, disinfectants you will use.  Our breakthrough, patented coating WhataShield Titania is applied only once per year, versus first generation products that last days or weeks or a few months.  Titania provides 12 months of antibacterial and antimicrobial surface, while not allowing dirt, stains, grease, grime to penetrate hard & soft surfaces (porous/nonporous).

Our tech sheet has a quick summary of its amazing properties as well as a way to source via our NMSDC certified MBE, BaseMedia.

Titania Active Surface Protects Surfaces/Fabrics AND Removes VOCs!

Our annual coating is sprayed on all surfaces, and will significantly reduce standard cleaning time, standard disinfecting wipe downs, and substantially reduce the amount of chemicals needed in daily wipe downs, from class rooms, to bathrooms to desks and carpeting, glass, exercise mats, etc., while increasing level of antibacterial and antimicrobial surface qualities on hard and soft surfaces (both porous and nonporous).  It will eliminate the need for weekly or quarterly disinfecting fogging and any dangerous UV light disinfecting.  And Titania actively cleans the air of harmful VOCs.

Increase Staff Efficiency, Speed Up Daily Cleaning/Sanitizing

Titania creates a surface at the nanometer level (on porous and nonporous surfaces) that's easy & fast applying via our all new hand held fogger.  It significantly speeds up your daily cleaning & sanitizing.  The Titania surface creates an active antimicrobial and antibacterial coating with numerous beneficial properties which facilities and custodial managers and workers love; contact us to review our data sheets and our certified lab test results.  Our Titania process is new, very surprising, highly effective, tested & certified, and will reduce Educational Institutions and Large Facilities operational inefficiencies, while creating a surface that cleans faster & remains disinfected longer (12 months!)  

Faster/Easier and No PPE Is Required

Titania is a pre-ionized, clear, odorless liquid, made in the US.  Again, Titania is applied only once per year in school settings and withstands daily cleaning with quats and daily or weekly or spot disinfecting.  Application is super easy, fast, and requires no PPE.

Once Titania has been applied, customers see 50-80% reduction in cleaning times (in classes, bathrooms, showers, gyms, offices, desks & chairs, rugs & carpeting, kitchen grease hoods, and common sitting areas).  Dirt doesn't disappear obviously, it's just much easier to wipe away, and your staff will use many less gallons of cleaning chemicals, and they will agitate less, scrub less, rub less, and mop and vacuum quicker, since dirt, grease, grime and spills no longer bond deeply to surfaces.

Simply put, the Titania-treated surface reduces the staff work hours, cuts volume of chemical cleaning liquid utilized, and eliminates the deep cleaning needed for a given square footage area. 


See how easily 6 weeks of Grease come off a grease hood in minutes to understand Titania's release properties at one Andiamo's large banquet facility. This is a job that usually takes caustic chemicals and/or an hour of scrubbing instead of a few minutes! We compared kitchen grease hoods treated with Titania vs non-treated after 6 weeks. Needless to say, they are convinced of Titania's release properties. 


Daily cleaning is done MUCH faster, and the surfaces will maintain a high degree of sanitation, that can be proven by an ATP test meter.  Once applied, a large bathroom that had normally taken 30 minutes to clean, can now be cleaned in 10-15 min, and no more smells will remain (even in dorms!)  And that surface is cleaner, and requires less effort (less elbow grease) to clean, while maintaining a consistently degree of disinfection (surgical grade).  How did you miss this technology?  So, Titania makes daily custodial work easier?

That's right:  those nasty pathogens that remain on dry surfaces will no longer survive, as Titania works for 12 months; that means those surfaces carrying

C.Diff (this pathogen lasts for 5 months),

E.Coli (up to 16 months),

Staph A (up to 7 months),

Norovirus (up to 7 days),

Rhinovirus (up to 7 days), and

Influenza (1-2 days) are all killed and remain neutralized on the Titania surfaces (hard and soft!) 24/7/365.

Normally dirt, grease and grime, and stains & smells embed into untreated surfaces; but after Titania has been sprayed, difficult-to-clean urine crystals no longer dig into grouting, smoke or protein stains no longer discolor & etch or linger; rapid cleaning will become the norm, and rooms are fresher, cleaner, disinfected, with NO VOCs, no caustic residue, and workers will be less exposed to dangerous quats.  Their noses will function once again.

So, is that all Titania does?  Well, no, there's more:  because Titania lasts for 12 months in high traffic areas, your colleges and dorms will see a reduction in sick days of students, faculty and visitors.  And Titania significantly reduces dye crocking, and it is a stringent California-certified flame retardant, as well as certified International Maritime Organization fire test protocol.  It is a proven & tested as a continuous odor eliminator as well as a VOC eliminator, it's an anti-oxidizer (so no more rusting of metal surfaces and door handles) when cleaning or exposed to other cleaners or quats that cause rusting or pitting.  Its excellent release properties allows for rapid, easy cleaning, while actually increasing abrasion resistance on soft surfaces.  Thus, assets last longer - carpets, leathers, vinyls, plastics, doorhandles, chairs.  They last longer, yet soft porous surfaces such as leathers, fabrics and vinyls remain pliable and do not harden, and obtain a strong level of UV protection and flame retardancy.  Graffiti is also MUCH easier to remove & clean.

Windows / Glass? Yes

On windows, Titania creates a superhydrophilic surface, and windows clean much faster; no more lingering fingerprints; any dirt on glass surfaces are cleaned in one wipe with a standard glass cleaner.  On outside windows, rain will not bead - water slides off in sheets offering high degree of visibility due to its lubricious surface with no more calcium deposits on the bottom edge of the window. 

Subsequent use of quats, alcohols, peroxides, bleaches, cleaners or sanitizers do NOT take off WhataShield Titania.  It is a breakthrough product.  JaniKing said of WhataShield Titania, "This is the best surface contact transmission protector EVER."

While we offer a variety of quality cleaning products, the breakthrough is Titania.

Using Titania Could save Large Facilities Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Year - How?

by reducing cleaning times by about 50% or more

by using less chemicals in cleaning and disinfecting (approx. 20-40%)

by reducing sick days of personnel and students each by at least 1% due to a consistently sanitized substrate

by eliminating custodial workers visits to the hospital due to burns or VOCs from heavy use of current caustic cleaners and quats

by reducing disinfecting worker hours & liquid & fogging volume of disinfectant used by a substantial number, and

by increasing life cycles of all assets:  carpets, desks, chairs and other surfaces by 50% or more, which saves several million dollars when calculating replacement costs,

by treating astroturf (and similar) fields with Titania, moisture, organic matter, mildew and germs will not settle and cause odors; we've solved big problems for college and professional sports teams on their practice turf and stadiums.

Let us spray an area, and prove it

After you contact us, we can share testing from Flooralytics which is a nationally recognized testing facility, a tech sheet & a graphic showing Titania's properties.  We also have SafeTGard, one of the best dual quats on the market, made in California - skin-safe, requires no PPE, and offers superlative disinfecting & cleaning properties, and is EPA cert. N-list (5-30 sec. kill of 99.9% of pathogens).