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Marine Interior / Exterior Instructions


Titania is perfect for any enclosed spaces and works to protect floors, furniture, food serving and preparation areas, as well as screens, restrooms, glass, etc.. The application is similar to auto and RV. Treat the ventilation system by spraying into the intake vents while there is airflow. Spray every exposed surface except glass in a cross hatch pattern, Just like automotive, only spray glass once, left to right or up and down.. All other areas get the same left and right in an S-pattern, then spray up and down in a sideway s pattern. Start furthest from the door, and work your way out.


Titania is used primarily to prevent UV fading and oxidation on the graphics and Bimini top, and to prevent staining on the upholstery and provide protection against marine growth such as algae, moss, mold, slime as well as resisting the etching into the exterior surface by aquatic organisms like barnacles, mussels, etc. Every exposed surface will be coated. 

The boat must be clean and preferably detailed. This application is similar to the automotive exterior process. Stay 24-36 inches away from the surface and spray in a cross hatch S pattern. A condensation-like film will be visible at first, but this will evaporate in minutes leaving behind the dry invisible Titania layer. It's best to start on top of the boat, in the center, and work your way outwards. This keeps you from walking over the coating and smudging it. Spray both the top and underside of the Bimini top. It is safe to spray Titania on the electronic equipment and gauges. Make sure every inch is covered, including the underside of upholstery cushions if they can be lifted up. When spraying the sides of the boat, do it in small sections, and remember to do the 'One-Two' count when you're spraying left to right. The product will be dry to the touch within minutes depending on humidity. 

Keep the boat out of the water for at least 48 hours to allow Titania to fully bond to the surfaces and activate. 

Non-Caustic and Ecofriendly

Titania is non caustic and does not give off any harmful chemicals or biocides into the ecosystem. Semi-annual cleaning is still necessary but will be much easier saving many hours of maintenance and eliminating the use of caustic chemicals.