Restaurants - Kitchens - Real Estate - Faster Cleaning

We are currently distributing our novel, CSP (Clean-Sanitize-Protect) process that allows you to clean faster, more efficiently, saving you $$$. 

    Titania saves Restaurant Cleaning Time and Asset Protection

    The keys to success? Our breakthrough eco-friendly approach to cleaning and protecting surfaces with Titania - the best food safe surface protectant in the world and our world class cleaner/disinfectant, SafeTGuard, our World class Cleaner/degreaser Cyclone.

    Check out how the 4Everguard reduced kitchen hood and filters cleaning over 80% from hours to minutes WITHOUT USING CAUSTIC CLEANERS, DISINFECTANTS!  

    Watch how Andiamo's of Warren kitchen hoods cleaned in minutes. That's 6 weeks after Titania application and 6 weeks of daily use with lots of grease. A job that could take hours and/or caustic chemicals now takes minutes BY HAND!


    Listen to Chef Marc talk about how his grease hoods now take minutes to clean, instead of hours, thanks to Titania. Titania only takes minutes to apply but saves staff time (and we know how hard it is to find staff these days), money and headaches. 


    Check out this quick video from Chef Robert and how 4Everguard solved serious problems at home.

    Note that this same process also cleans and protects your:

    • Schools / Universities / Office / Commercial property / Gym / Health Care Facility
    • Homes - AirBnB / Rentals / Real Estate (preparing to buy or sell or just living in it and want to fight allergens, mold, mildew, airborne viruses, toxins etc.)
    • Boats, Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, just about any asset!

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