Case Studies

4Everguard Protective Coatings has worked closely with a variety of large customers to help them solve CSP problems (Clean - Sanitize - Protect). In each case, our team has helped customers. Click on each of the Case Studies to view detailed explanation of how we saved our customers in a variety of industries:

  • Reduce overall Training and Labor hours / cost
  • Reduced overall product cost
  • Significantly improved protection of their assets against dirt, mold, mildew, UV fading, odor, corrosions, oxidation, bacteria, viruses, microbes, VOCs and other types of environmental degradation and wear and tear
  • In areas where continuous reduction or elimination of bacteria, mold, viruses, microbes is required, we use an ATP monitor. If ATP readings rise, they can be quickly remediated with our EPA registered SafeTGard, sprayed over the Titania protected surface. 

Restaurant Kitchen Hoods

University Dormitory Shower Mold

University HVAC Mold

Major League Baseball Stadium Workout Room

Marina Pontoon and Boat Anti-Fouling

Grow House Mold and Bacteria

Major League Baseball Stadium Public Restrooms