Titania is very effective in continuously eliminating annoying odors, fighting bacteria on helmets, gloves, shoes, seating surfaces, fabric, even shirts and pants and protecting them from stains, corrosion, oxidation and UV damage. 

Bicycle Helmet

For example, this bicycle racing helmet.

  • With smaller items, only a few seconds of Titania spray are required, a quick left right, and up and down suffice. 
  • Before spraying, make sure the fabric containing stains and/or odor has been thoroughly cleaned / rinsed and is dry.
  • Spray titania left right/up and down for only a few seconds in each direction, with the electric blower from the 18-24 inch distance (but slightly shorter for the finger sprayer), ensuring you cover all sides of the helmet straps, surfaces you want to protect
  • Let dry for 24 hours, preferably outside where UV rays combined with oxygen accelerate the titania activation
  • After titania treatment, the hydroxyl radicals will continuously fight odor, stains etc. 
  • To keep the helmet as fresh smelling as possible after heavy sweating, it helps to rinse the helmet and helmet fabric pads with water and patting them dry (or let them dry in the sun). 
  • Use the same process with shoes, bicycle gloves and any other surfaces you wish to protect against stains and odors. 

Directions for Using Our Small Surface Ultra Fine Mist Finger Sprayer

  • Read through our overall application directions before applying. We recommend that surfaces and ambient temps are 50 degrees F and above. 

  • This sprayer should be used indoors only. The mist from the Finger sprayer is very light and any wind can carry the titania away before it reaches the intended surface. 

  • Remove head unit and fill container with 2 oz of water.

  • We prefer testing your spray method with method on a large mirror or glass so you can see the ultra fine water droplets...you can tell right away if you're misting the surface properly without getting "runs" of product. (Simply wipe dry with the microfiber you should keep in your pocket and re-try as you practice)

  • When the finger sprayer has water, activate it and practice spraying it into a sink so you can see how the continuous pumping creates a continuous spray. It will take a few pumps before fluid comes out and it will continue to spray for a few seconds AFTER you stop pumping. 

  • Begin spraying water using the cross hatch method approximately 12"-18" from the target area (note that the distance for this finger sprayer is shorter than with the electric blower that is used for large area applications). When you pump the trigger with your finger repeatedly you'll notice that you get a continuous fine mist.

  • You'll also notice that the sprayer will continue spraying for another couple of seconds AFTER you stop pumping. Figure this into your spray application technique to avoid wasting Titania when you begin your actual Titania application. 

  • Once you're able to deliver that fine mist by continuously pumping the finger trigger with water, using a cross hatch method, you're ready to spray titania. 

  • Remember to keep a microfiber in your pocket, you don't want Titania to run. If water (or Titania) is running down a surface or pooling, you've over sprayed and you need to backup or move the spray faster left to right and up and down. Practice wiping the surface and re-spray per the instructions to make sure Titania fogs on to the surface without running or puddling. Once you're done practicing, you're ready to go.

  • Remove spray top and empty water in the container..

  • Then, pump sprayer until all water is out of the spray head system (the head unit typically retains liquid if you've sprayed it). You do not want to add titania to the container and accidentally spray water for your first 4-5 pumps, thinking it is Titania! Titania and water look the same.

    Ready to Spray Titania

  • ALWAYS shake the titania bottle vigorously for 10-15 seconds before you're about to dispense into sprayer container and begin to spray. Then, pour titania into spray bottle container and attach top, avoid spilling the Titania. 

  • Per the application directions, you should have a spray plan in mind, using the cross hatch method

(notice that the video demo on glass showed cross hatch method only for demonstration purposes. Never Titania spray glass with the cross hatch method as you will overspray and potentially cause a glass haze. We don't recommend spraying glass with the Finger Sprayer and to avoid any potential for a Titania haze after drying, simply wipe glass dry with your microfiber while it is still wet with titania where you you sprayed glass with the titania.
  • For example, in a stand up shower, spray ceiling first, then walls and floor last (or you'll be stepping on the titania before it has dried).
  • Let Titania dry before you touch the sprayed surface. This typically takes minutes, depending on humidity and ambient temperature. For example, in the demonstration video you'll notice that the sprayed surface was dry in about 3 minutes.
  • Once you're done spraying titania, pour the titania from the spray bottle back in to the original titania container (we sell 4, 6, 12 oz and 1 gallon containers) and then spray remaining titania that is in the head unit into the titania bottle to ensure you don't waste any titania. 
  • Last step, very important, fill the spray bottle with an ounce of distilled water and then spray water to clear the nozzle. Titania can clog the orifice if you don't clear the unit after every use.
  • As you learned from reading the complete instructions, Titania activates fully over a 24 hour period. Once it's dry, you can touch Titania but wait 24 hours before using harsh chemicals or abrasion on the surface - allowing Titania time to be fully activated. 

Store Titania indoors; above 40 degrees F.