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Small Surface Application Direction - Helmets, Gloves etc.

Titania is very effective in continuously eliminating annoying odors, bacteria on helmets, gloves, shoes, even shirts and pants and protecting them from stains, corrosion, oxidation and UV damage. 

Bicycle Helmet

For example, this bicycle racing helmet.

  • With smaller items, only a few seconds of Titania spray are required, a quick left right, and up and down suffice. 
  • Before spraying, make sure the fabric containing the odor has been thoroughly cleaned / rinsed and is dry.
  • Spray titania left right/up and down for only a few seconds in each direction, from the 18-24 inch distance, ensuring you cover all sides of the helmet straps, surfaces you want to protect
  • Let dry for 24 hours, preferably outside where UV rays combined with oxygen accelerate the titania activation
  • After titania treatment, the hydroxyl radicals will continuously fight odor, stains etc. 
  • To keep the helmet as fresh smelling as possible after heavy sweating, it helps to rinse the helmet and helmet fabric pads with water and patting them dry (or let them dry in the sun). 
  • Use the same process with shoes and bicycle gloves.