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Anti-Microbial 2 Step Solution

Safe-T-Guard Clean and Disinfect

(Step 1 of 2)

First use Spray or Wipe clean with our all new Safe-T-Guard non hazardous Dual Quat to clean and disinfect and let dry. Eco-friendly, EPA certified (#1839-220) and Safe-T-Guard will NOT fade or discolor your assets like so many of the Dual Quats in use. Because it's a dual quat it is also a powerful cleaner. 


    (Step 2 of 2)

    Then use our specially designed spray applicator to spray Titania on all of your surfaces (hard and soft), our breakthrough protective coating. Unlike any other protective coatings, Titania can remain active for years! You don't need to fog classrooms, offices or high contact areas day after day, causing fade and corrosion on your assets. Instead, Titania protects those assets and actually increases their longevity by preventing fading, staining and corrosion. 

    Contact us to learn more about how our lab testing to get our world class 2 step application to protect your soft and hard surfaces that can last for over a year! 

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