Our Testimonials - A ForeWord

Although Titania is a revolutionary product, it is not well known...yet.

How is that possible, you are wondering?

Simple: there have been many testimonials about the results achieved with Titania, but as any small startup business owner or inventor knows, you need time and lots of money and staying power to compete with multi-national chemical companies that sell their products in high volume through large distributors. So, most consumers put up with the VOCs and caustic nature of less expensive chemicals. They either don't know any better (advertising) or they go for the cheaper, up front purchase, forgetting true costs over the long term (1 to 5 years).

After cleaning mold in a shower, you spray it once with Titania and you can eliminate caustic cleaners for 5 years or longer. The Titania active surface prevents mold from returning. You will still clean the shower to remove built up dirt and film, but less frequently and very easily because Titania will release the dirt quickly. And you will not need a caustic cleaner that can burn your nose or hands. 

But it is difficult to change behavior. What do we mean?

Most cleaning or protective coatings tend to have a caustic smell or odor. That's how we we "know" it's working. Right? Titania is odorless and not caustic - the opposite our traditional belief system. Titania is made from eco-friendly ingredients - you can see the ingredients in our clean MSDS. Once Titania dries on a surface (in minutes), the hydroxyl radicals form that invisible bond and those same hydroxyl radicals also disassemble the molecular structure of bacteria, microbes, viruses as well as harmful VOCs and other environmental contaminants that ruin paint, carpeting, metal, chrome, leather, fabric and so on. But no...there's no strong chemical odor or smell. 

Our little secret: We can't compete with products that don't work

Yes, Titania is more expensive SHORT TERM than caustic, eco unfriendly chemicals. But unlike those cheaper, caustic chemicals, Titania self cleaning surface keeps working, day after day, month after month, year after year. And that up front Titania  investment pays back in reducing future chemical buys and your savings in labor (and you touch and inhale fewer caustic chemicals and VOCs).

How Titania Saves You Time and Money:

That shower floor that you used to clean every few weeks because of mold or mildew now stays clean of mold or mildew much longer. Because Mold and Mildew cannot survive on a Titania treated surface. And when/if you do clean it because there's dirt you can use a less caustic, eco-friendly chemical. Because Titania makes a surface easier to clean. Add up the many hours and you will understand why those who use Titania stop using caustic chemicals and spend less time and money cleaning. 

Take a look at some of our testimonials. Knowing the science behind Titania, everyone is still pleasantly surprised when they experience the results. They span a host of horizontal (cleaning, protective coatings, UV protection, etc) and vertical categories like large asset private owners (e.g. Car, Truck, Boat, RV, Motorcycle), Fleet Owners (Limousine services), Restaurants, Public Facilities, Sports Teams and Schools, Janitorial companies (who clean some if not all of the above) and so on.