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Watch the video below to understand how effective our CSP (clean-sanitize-protect) process is when finished off with our novel surface protectant, Titania. If Titania protects surfaces in salt water, imagine what it can do for any surface:

Our CSP process works as well on soft surfaces (fabric, carpet, leather, suede, etc.) and hard surfaces (metal, chrome, gelcoat, vinyl, tile, etc.)

Revolutionary Titania protects your assets...and you. An interior application takes only minutes for a large sedan (like the brand new, loaded, Tesla Model S pictured above) or over an hour for a large RV or Boat, especially when you protect both the inside and outside of that asset. 

If you're a dealer, rental or fleet manager or renting your own vehicles on apps like Turo (cars, boat, RVs, Powersports, etc) you will be pleasantly surprised by the reduced wear and tear on your assets, the improved operational efficiency in cleaning, as well as the happiness of your customers and detailing staff. Contact us to learn more about how Titania improves your business. If you share your operational costs and CSI numbers, we will show you how Titania makes everything better. 

Some of our happiest customers simply want to defeat smoke, human or other odors in their assets. Others want to protect against stains or make them easier to clean inside and outside. Bird droppings, algae, zebra mussels, brake dust, rust, oxidation, dye transfer from clothing, UV damage/fade...all are defeated by Titania's active surface. Doesn't matter if it's a car, a boat or an RV. 

But Titania doesn't stop with protecting your assets. Because Titania also works continuously for a year or longer on pathogens (currently lab certified to actively defeat bacteria, microbes and viruses as well as VOCs for 1 year...and it's still working), Titania also improves your environment. Surfaces you touch will be cleaner due to Titania's active surface, and Titania reduces VOCs so you can breathe easier. Learn more about why Titania is so special here.