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Applying - Cordless Titania Blower KIT (not incl. Titania)

Applying - Cordless Titania Blower KIT (not incl. Titania)

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Fixed speed cordless blower kit, includes:

  • One Omnifog proprietary fixed red or gray nozzle specifically designed to properly atomize and apply titania. 
  • 1 x 5.0 AH Lithium Ion batteries (approximately 15-20 minutes of usage per battery) and a charger, Makita compatible.
  • Recommend fast charger and additional batteries for jobs requiring more than 20 minutes of spraying. A fast charger allows you to use the 5 AH battery to 1/4 capacity and switch to the backup battery. The 1/4 capacity 5 AH battery can then be fast charged in about 15-20 minutes and be ready for re-use. 
  • Blower attachment and spare 16 and 32 oz bottles
  • Note that the blower speed is not adjustable other than via trigger pressure to ensure the proper application of Titania
  • Carefully review included instructions for blower assembly, how to use and how to apply Titania.
  • Always keep a clean, dry microfiber cloth in your pocket to correct oversprays (see general instructions here). 
  • Except on glass, do not use the cross-hatch method, use only a single sweep or if you prefer to avoid spraying glass, wipe glass over spray off with a microfiber cloth immediately
  • It is possible to use a slight trigger pressure for tight spaces (e.g. under a seat) and be less than 1 foot distance to surface.
  • Do not use slight trigger pressure application on glass. 
  • Kit does not include Titania (shown in photo) - add Titania to your order here
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