Jim Simpson & Associates - 4Everguard of Roseville, MI

Jim has 47 years in the retail automobile business.

Starting as a part- time file clerk and progressing to the position of Vice President and General Manager of 2 of the largest and best Chrysler dealerships.

During this time he became an expert in administering and using the DiSC family of behavioral assessments. He uses these tools to coach individuals and teams to work effectively together to achieve extraordinary results. Jim has coached over 50 businesses as a Leadership and Business coach since 1995. He has spent extensive time with the very best management and leadership gurus, including time with John Maxwell. He has worked with Dean Estep for many years, both as a client and a member of the Next-Level team.

Jim is based in Detroit Michigan. He is President and founder of J
SIMPSON AND ASSOCIATES, LC. He coaches small and medium size companies, manages a home-based nutrition company, continues his
DiSC work and is a founding partner in a protective coatings company, as well as his work with Next-Level. He spends his free time boating and being active in boating and social organizations.


  • 47 Years in the retail automobile business
  • Managed the turn-around of a Recreational Vehicle dealership
  • Led a small-town dealership to number 2 in the nation in sales
  • A member of Vistage International, a high level think tank and management training organization and was a chair monitoring 2 groups of his own for 4years
  • Has a reputation as a no-nonsense problem solver
  • Gets his most satisfaction in helping start-up companies and helping business owners learn how to lead successfully and create efficient business systems.
  • Is an expert in creating high-performance compensation plans