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SafeTGard - Hospital Grade

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SafeTGard is our newest, EPA approved, non-hazardous, biodegradable dual quat. We believe it is the most effective, non-hazardous dual quat on the market. It's both an effective, RTU (Ready to use) cleaner, as well as a hospital grade disinfectant.


SafeTGard can be used to clean and wipe (rag, spray bottle, bucket) for heavier jobs that require a thorough effort. Gloves are optional for the end user and SafeTGard will not degrade the surfaces of any of your assets.

Many popular chemical quats contain bleach - harsh for the end user and over time degrade your surfaces and fade color.


SafeTGard also works as an effective odor eliminator; strong enough to cut through grease and eliminate surface odor at the source, but also gentle enough to deeply penetrate carpet without damage (where VOCs can live for months).

Hospital Grade Disinfectant:

SafeTGard is hospital grade - 99.999% effective against bacteria, mold, mildew and viruses (On COVID N List). Kill time is 5 seconds for bacteria and as low as 30 seconds for viruses. It can effectively disinfect wiping or spraying / fogging and letting air dry for 2 minutes. As a disinfectant, SafeTGard's kill time is less than the time it takes to evaporate. It is effective on hard and soft surfaces as well as carpeting and leather. No discoloration of dyed leather, sofas etc.