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Clean - Velour

Clean - Velour

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Velour is our professional grade fabric cleaner and stain remover. It eliminates the need for complicated pretreatment or steps of the competitors. 

Built to not only clean but also restore color and vibrancy, Velour can be used on any fabric or leather to quickly break apart stubborn stains and works even on areas that have been set in for long periods of time. Because pre-treatment is not required, you will get a more even look as opposed to harsher pretreatments that can degrade a carpet's color and leave pretreated areas looking lighter than the rest of the carpet 

Whether it's a spot on the couch, rug or entire carpet, Velour gets the job done.


No pretreats for even the toughest stains

  • Coffee, blood, urine, heavy soils, oil etc.
  • Cleans and restores vibrancy
  • Deep cleans carpet without expensive machinery
  • Will not damage/change texture of fabric, vinyl, leather
  • Can be used in carpet cleaning machines
  • Inexpensive with up to 64:1 dilution


  • Dilute up to 64:1 with water
  • Spray liberally over stain
  • Agitate in multiple directions
  • Wipe away soil, debris w clean cloth
  • Vacuum when dry for best results
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